Saturday, January 7, 2012

Haute Dogs... Finger Food Style

My biggest accomplishment for the week is that I taught Zeuggie how to walk on a treadmill. Not the easiest thing for someone who has no patience. All it took was a week,  a package of hot dogs and a cup of peanut butter. For me, all I would need is a cornichon.  What the world needs more of is mini pickles. Well, I guess I am just a sucker for anything mini.

Examples... Sliders. The mini hamburger. Why hasn't the mini hot dog caught on? These are the questions girls ask when they are watching a semi-boring football game and the people-watching at the bar is well... more boring than the game.

So while I had mini and hot dogs on my mind, I decided to do a little experimentation in kitchen. Playoffs and the Super Bowl are coming up and really I think the mini hot dog could l take center stage at any party.  

Cream cheese and jalenpeno, chilli dogs with cheese and onion and spicy corn dogs. 
Homemade dogs, homemade buns, corn dogs and Skyline Chili style  - a tribute to my Grandma Jane. Mustard dipping sauce on the side! Try these options for your next event! 


  1. looks yummy!! Morning Star makes a yummy mini veggie corn dog you should try!

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  3. Hi (:)
    Maren is your aunt ..I am her old buddy -Patty- amd we just found each other on FB (:) so fun ~
    she sent me your blog link~ love your darling blog will be back (:)

  4. Can I place an order?????

  5. Did you really make the hotdogs? Or cut regular ones down. Good idea. I have made hot dog and hamburger buns - but a long time ago. Enjoy your ideas. By the way, you mention hot dogs and peanut butter in the same sentence. My nephew swears his kids all LOVE hot dogs WITH peanut butter on them. About as close as I come is if I have peanut butter on an english muffin for breakfast and we have bacon - that combo I like. Nice Blog.

  6. Also, have you found the "perfect" pizza dough?